Ode to Los Angeles - DEEP SEA


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* California Dreaming  *

Ode to Los Angeles is a limited collection that celebrates the sun-drenched colors of the city, and the interplay of light glinting off the Pacific Ocean, across the sky during a particularly golden sunset, and between the lavender canopies of the historic jacaranda trees that flower every spring. We pair traditional stripes with a classic American tie-dye process that captures the unique colors of Los Angeles, and their constantly shifting nuance and depth. The finished fabrics evoke the small visual touchstones that we love about our city.

At 31x33 inches, our Little collection is the perfect size for newborns and toddlers. From swaddling to strollers, nap time to anytime, this blanket will be well-loved for a lifetime. 

We employ safe, brilliant, fade-resistant Procion Dyes for the tie-dye process and recommend hand washing your blanket, or machine washing it cold on a delicate cycle with a phosphate-free detergent. Hang dry or tumble-dry low. When cared for properly, your heirloom blanket will age beautifully, and last for generations.

* * Variants in color and pattern are inherent to the tie-dye process, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs within each batch. Know that your blanket will be a variation of the representative photo and unique to you and your baby.

All designs are created by and exclusively for Goodnight June.