* 100% Profits thru September 9 *

We are a small company with a simple mission — to Give. 

We give because it is important to help when you can, however you can. 
What happens to others can happen to us.

In an effort to prevent even more loss of lives in the current refugee crisis,
we are donating 100% of proceeds to the Migration Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).
MOAS supports search and rescue efforts in the Mediterranean by locating and
assisting vessels in distress. These vessels carry the lives of families and children
fleeing unimaginable circumstances in desperate search of safety and survival.
MOAS is a privately funded effort comprised of sea farers, search and rescue 
teams and now Doctors Without Borders. Their sole mission is to act.
Learn more about what they do and the reach of your purchase : www.moas.eu 

Please consider us as we support our fellow families abroad. A gift for you is a
donation that will reach well beyond your home. 

Thank you,
Nissa Ellison-Walsh

September 05, 2015 by Nissa Ellison-Walsh